For those who donated and asked for their oc to be doodled please send a fanmail/ask with a link to those characters!! Paypal unfortunately doesn’t carry over the link in a cool way like I thought it would.

My computer is officially gone. We had a dang good run. It’s time to say goodbye and thanks for holding on.

R.I.P. hp-boopenhiemer (2008-2014)
Sweet dreams, my boopinprince. 

Ok. Real talk. Right now I have few and small means to do things that take priority (sketch and bust commissions, art for the monster anthology). I can do them, just in limited amounts of time instead of 8+ hour work days.

I was thinking of putting up a Patreon because I still don’t want any donations without any sort of reward system, but that idea is out of reach since I don’t have time on a friend’s computer for stuff like video editing/hefty art stuff.

I want to give you more art/art tutorials/better videos/livestreams more often! Hopefully Patreon will help do just that, but now I need to focus on getting a new machine. 

There is a little donate button in my blog now. It was a tedious to add that via smartphone I’ll tell you what! Hopefully functions correctly.

I do want to give you a reward for donating though! Any suggestions? I though maybe a low res doodle for any donation above $10 would do, but anything you would like to see is acceptable as well, just add a note with your donation on what that might be!