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! ! Commissions Open ! !

I’m beginning school, and that means I could use some extra money to help cushion the costs of loans and books. When I’m not working, I have the time to put towards my personal work and commissions.

These are base prices ; Prices may be increased if character has an overtly complex design or outfit, or if you’d like additional, heavy props. 

If you are interested in commissioning me, please contact me at cnwingmate@gmail.com

What will I draw? 

  • Gore / Blood
  • Semi-Realism
  • Anthropomorphic figures
  • Animals
  • Sexual situations 
  • Simple / Medium-Complexity backgrounds
  • Ask me about private-use creature design!
  • Just about anything under the sun

What won’t I draw?

  • Mecha
  • Real Persons ( faceclaims / refs are A-Okay ) 
  • Deliberately offensive content ( racist, sexist, etc. ) 
  • Vore / Scat / Inflation / etc. 

Please, feel free to approach me with questions. I am always happy to answer and talk with anyone ;  I want you to feel confident in commissioning me!

For sketch commissions, I will take payment after sketch approval. For all other commissions, I will take half up-front and half upon completion. If these options don’t work for you, please contact me and discuss. All payments must be made in USD through Paypal. 

If you are interested in commissioning me, please contact me at cnwingmate@gmail.com

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Any donation via the donate button that’s $10 will get you a doodle of any character. Note that these are not commissions, they are drawn crudely, small and I cannot contact you for any mistakes. You may request a sketch per each $10. You may request the doodle to be private!

Thank you for the extra help!!